Neko is a multi-gen Goldendoodle. She is such a lovebug! Polite, loves her people, learns quickly and enjoys lots of snuggles. Just like all my pack, she is great with kids!! Neko has a playful side to her with an amazing on and off switch. Medium energy, low prey drive, highly human focused and eager to please! Neko has produced some outstanding puppies, two of which are in service dog training and of course many reliable family pets. You can view her health testing below!

Embark Results embk.me/neko61

Mango, mostly known as Cheeto, is an AKC mini-Poodle, weighing in at 7 lbs. She is our most fun dog ever! She loves sleeping with our son, cold crunchy carrots, getting the zoomies when guests arrive, and she’s never met a stranger.


Brownie is our very first Bernedoodle! She is AMAZING!!! Highly human focused, super smart and really wants to please. This has made it a breeze to train her. Before Brownie turned four months old, she mastered heeling, sit, down, stay, place, sitting while waiting for an “ok” before exiting doors/crate and before eating. She is clear through Embark Genetics and we will start OFAs soon!


Guava is a multigenerational Bernedoodle. She’s expected to be around 50 to 60 lbs full grown. She is an Indy and Caliber pup from our Tropical Fruit litter! Guava must be fully tested to make sure she meets our breeding standards. We are praying she is the beginning of an amazing Bernedoodle line here at Sac River!!