Prices & Reservation Fee Contract

Reserving a puppy:

To reserve a puppy you need to put down a reservation fee in the amount of $500.00. This goes toward the price of your puppy and is non-refundable. We do not reimburse the reservation fee just because you did not get the puppy you  wanted during picks. Reservation fees are always good. If you decide you are not ready you can put it off and use it later.

Pick Orders:

As the breeder, we reserve the right to always use the “Breeder’s Choice Pick”. The “Breeder’s Choice Pick” always comes FIRST in the event it would be used. This could be that we choose to keep a certain puppy back for our program, place one in another program or to place a Service Dog!

Testing is done at 7 1/2 weeks. After testing is completed choosing your puppy will begin in the order which we received names along with reservation fees.

Our goal is to raise healthy happy puppies and to help each family pick out a pup that will be a great fit for the household. By temperament testing at seven weeks we are able to assess more accurately.


Standard Goldendoodles $2,000 Pet Price

Micro/Petite Goldendoodles $3,000 Pet Price

Mini Goldendoodles $2,500 Pet Price

Bernedoodles $2,000-$3,000 Pet Price

********Taxes: As a licensed Missouri breeder we are required to charge a 6.4750% sales tax on every puppy sold to stay compliant********