Temperament Testing

Temperament testing is done at 7 1/2 weeks. We do not let puppy picks start until testing is completed and all videos and score cards have been sent to each client. It is extremely important to us that each puppy be placed in the right home. By waiting till the 7th week, we are able to access the puppies more accurately and in return give our puppies and our clients the best chance at success. Some temperaments just do not work in some environments like others do. Then there are some that can be worked with, and obstacles overcome with proper care and training. Here at Sac River GoldenDoodles & BerneDoodles, we test our puppies using the Badass Breeder temperament test! This was created by Jeanette Forrey at 4EKennels.

Why is temperament testing so crucial?

Do you have small children? Some temperaments do better with children. Are you battling anxiety or suffering from depression? How about a member of the family who has meltdowns? There are some temperaments in dogs that cannot handle intense human emotion and will eventually get washed out. There are others who know how to help in these types of situations. Do you want a dog that will take a nightly run with you or are you more chilled at home with a book and some TV? Dogs have different energy levels. Do you have physical limitations or health issues such as diabetes or seizures? Are you a teacher looking for a school facility dog?

We strongly believe that a lot of dogs end up in shelters for a few reasons, one being that a lot of times people do not know what they are getting in a dog. We take every precaution to not let that happen. Every dog is amazing and they deserve to be honored and respected for who they are.